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Bharat is My Home Summary

Bharat is My Home Summary

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Bharat is my home’ is the part of the speech delivered by Dr. Zakir Hussain just after taking the oath as the president of India. He thanks the people of the country who have considered him able for this highest office of the nation. He then pledges himself to the loyalty of our country and its people irrespective of caste, creed and language. He says India is his home and its people his family members. He asks the people to come forward and help him in the great task of building the character of our nation. He says self development is first necessary to ensure the development of the society. he believes the past is alive and dynamic, it is not dead. It decides the quality of the present and the prospect of our future. education is the most important element in determining the quality of a nation. he calls for dedicated work towards the overall development of our country to make it a prosperous place to live in.

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